Safety tips and tricks

At WeGatherUp, we want you to become successful in organising, having fun and so that you can safely start your own business.

We designed the platform with safety in mind. We are dedicated to helping you to organise in a safe environment and participate in a safe environment. Together we can make this all possible.

Several usefull tips

We keep improving our technology to ensure everyone’s safety. But we have some additional tips that you can follow to keep yourself safe.

Read the activity carefully
By reading the information about the activity carefully, there will be no unexpected issues. If the information isn’t clear enough for you, you can contact the organiser beforehand.

Check the person
Everyone has to create a profile to be able to join or organise activities. You can read their profile biography and check their reviews if they have organised or participated in activities before.

You can ask the organiser to confirm your name before the activity starts. The name of the organiser will be displayed on our platform; for the organiser, the participants will be displayed in your settings.

Review each other
We recommend that you always review each other. This way you can help other organisers to get to know the participants and the participants to get to know the organiser.

Share with loved ones
When joining activities, you can share this with loved ones, so everyone knows where you hang out. Share the organiser details and location where you are with a friend or family member.

Protect your personal belongings
When participating, you’re always responsible for your own belongings at all times.

Be respectful
Please respect the organiser and other participants. Everyone wants to enjoy their time, and you might participate in an activity with people of different nationalities. Each one of us has their own habits and manners. Treat each other the way you want to be treated.