After a number of experiences when Stefan Hofstra was travelling in Asia, he started to see opportunities for travellers and locals to meet each other. He observed that travellers are often interested in getting to know a different culture, and many tourists also enjoy making contact with other travellers.

For the citizens of the world, this platform brings an alternative way to make money. What Stefan noticed is that many activities organised by larger companies can be expensive. When he did the exact same activity with locals, it was more affordable. This way he supported the locals instead of the larger companies. This has inspired and motivated him to create an alternative situation. He had to find a solution that benefits travellers and locals in a positive and effective way.

Stefan saw that the arrival of platforms has greatly contributed to income generation in the world. As long as people use smartphones, tablets and computers, the use of technology will continue to grow and the industry will continue to expand.

He continued to brainstorm with friends and family how to combine technology with travellers and locals in a fun way. Inspired by the United Nation’s sustainable development goals, he found a way to create opportunities for each individual.


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