Danubio River
Danubio River

National Geographic has revealed its annual list of unmissable destinations that you can visit this year using our app.

With an advanced vaccination campaign in the whole world, this 2022 gives travelers the opportunity to travel the world again and enjoy adventure, family and culture travel.

As every year, National Geographic revealed the annual list of the best destinations in the world this 2022, this list of places encourages activities and experiences in open air, invites you to discover and visit national parks and wildlife, ecological and sustainable destinations.

Prócida- Italy


Cultural destinations

  • Monte Jingmai (ubicated in Yunnan,China – nominated destination by National Geographic Traveler China) *

  • Tin Pan Alley (London,England)

  • Hokkaido (Japan) *

  • Prócida (Italy)

  • Atlanta (Georgia, United States)


Columbia River
Columbia River

Sustainable destinations

  • National Park Yasuni (Ecuador – Nominated by National Geographic Traveleler Latin America) *

  • Ruhr area (Germany – Nominated by National Geographic Traveler Germany)

  • Lodz (Poland – Nominated by National Geographic Traveler Poland) *

  • Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area (Óregon and Washington,United Satates)

  • National Park Chimanimani (Mozambique)


Baikal lake
Baikal lake

Natural destinations

  • Mayan Forest Reserve (Belice)

  • Caprivi Strip (Namibia – Nominated by National Geographic Traveler Italy)

  • Northern minnesota (United States)

  • Lago Baikal (Russia – Nominated by National Geographic Traveler Russia) *

  • Victoria (Australia – Nominated by National Geographic Traveller U.K)


Costa Rica
Costa Rica

Adventure Destinations

  • Costa Rica (Nominated by National Geographic Traveler Korea)

  • Seine river bike path (France – Nominated by National Geographic Traveler France)

  • Micmac Trail of the Nepisiguit River (New Brunswick, Canada)

  • Palaos (Nominated by National Geographic Traveller India) *

  • Arapahoe Basin (Colorado, United States)


Alhambra, Granada, Spain
Alhambra, Granada, Spain

Family Destinations

  • River Cruise on the Danube (Nominated by onal Geographic Traveler Romania) *

  • Licia (Turkey – Nominated by National Geographic Traveler Turkey)

  • Granada (Spain – Nominated by National Geographic Travels) *

  • Bonaire (Nominated by National Geographic Traveler Netherlands) *

  • Eastern Shore (Maryland, United States)


* Destination declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO









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