How WeGatherUp started

The original idea began in the second quarter of 2018, as WeGatherUp founder Stefan Hofstra was travelling through south-east Asia. Noticing that there were opportunities to improve individuals lives, it was to develop an application for mobile phones. He started with writing the idea on paper and from there a business plan. The vision of WeGatherUp was clear: improving individuals lives worldwide. With all the drafts he made in hand, he approached different organisations to help him check the business plan. As he did that, he gathered a lot of feedback and kept adjusting the plan to what it is today. Overall, it took more than a year to start creating this platform.

With the business plan ready, he wanted to receive investment, so he made appointments with potential investors. Unfortunately, this did not succeed because the risk was too high as it was still only an idea. Self-funded, he was on a tight budget and went back to the drawing board to find another way to get this platform started.

He went in search of a web designer who could translate his sketches into something more tangible, and came across a young professional, Jeffrey Pieksma. He had just graduated from university and started his own web design company. Jeffrey was just as enthusiastic about the project as Stefan was, and together they worked to make the design how it is today.

When almost all the designs were complete, they started searching for a back-end developer. Stefan made contact with Renan Lolico and discussed the project with him. The connection between them was there instantly, and they discussed every detail of how to bring this platform to life. From that point, they formed their team of three.

On 11 november 2019, WGU Technologies B.V. was officially launched.