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Frequently asked questions for participants and organizers.

Terms & Conditions

How do i create my account?

Create your personal account with signing up with your e-mail.

What if my reservation request is declined?

If your reservation is declined you’ll receive the refund of your payment.

How do i make a reservation with WeGatherUp?

You click on join now on the experience that you want and after the payment you will be automatically be part of the experience.

How do i pay for my reservation?

During the account creation process you are able to register your main credit card and use it to pay inside app.

What payment methods do you offer?

You can by using your credit or debit card.

Can i pay in any currency?

At the moment we just accept payments in EUR currency.

How is the price determined?

The organizer set their own experience price

My payment was refused what now?

You can try again with another credit card or contact your bank.

What is the cancelation policy?

If you cancel 48 hours or more before the experience begins you’ll get a full refund. When you do it in less than 48 hours you won’t a refund. As organizers can or will make costs before the experience will happen.

How does WeGatherUp ensures organizers quality?

At the moment, only trusted users can be organizers. Later on you will be able to measure the organizer quality by rating them inside app.

What happends if i have a bad experience with a organizer?

You can make a public comment on their profile page that will be also visible on the experience (if repeats). For emergency call the emergency service or contact us. Read more about safety

For organizers

How do i sign up?

You download app on Apple App Store or Google Play Store and sign with your email address.

Who can be a organizer?

Currently only people who we assigned to can organize experiences, but everyone can enjoy them.

Do i work for WeGatherUp when i organize?

You are free to use your own creativity to organize the things you would like to organize. We all know what is right to do and what is not right to do.

How do i determine the price?

Calculate the expenses you have per guest and add your personal fee.

Do i work for WeGatherUp when i organize?

No, we only provide the service that allows you to create experiences inside app, however,
by using our app you need to follow our terms of use, privacy policies and refund/cancelation policy.

How do i receive reservations?

After joining an activity you will receive the receipt of your purchase by email. After that, you can verify your purchased activities inside app.

I need to cancel a reservation what do i need to do?

Contact your host. For more information read terms of use

How will i get paid?

You will get paid by PayPal transfer or bank transfer.

When will i get paid?

7 till 14 days unless there are issues to be solved.

What is the fee of WeGatherUp

We calculate a 15% fee of the total price.

Do i have to pay tax on my earnings?

As a private person you’re not allowed to add taxes. Your net income should be reported as income to local authorities.

Running it as a business you should add your own taxes. Your net income should be reported to as income to local authorities.

Will there be additional fee for receiving money

With PayPal there are no addditional fees. With bank transfer it is possible that the bank applies a fee.

What if i have extra expenses?

You’re responsible for your own price. If there are extra expenses you should let participants know before they participate.

How do i receive reviews?

After the end of each experience, users that have enjoyed can make a review on your public profile. This helps potential users to believe in your work.

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